About Us

THE CHEESY ANIMATION FACTORY, prospered out as a Global Brand in the world of Imagination and designing basically from India, now in UK (United Kingdom). In the British civilization, the architectural services are highly required and to fulfil all the needs of designing architectural services right from 2D diagrams till 3D Rendering, THE CHEESY ANIMATION FACTORY and it’s studio have professional manpower who arts to use the tools in favour of best output. Our Company strongly represent our periodic gruellingyet strenuous journey to become a top class renowned brand for 3D designing in UK. This has created our brand the unique one and has shown tremendous growth since its establishment, which is incomparable.3D Rendering services and visual arts for architectural design we offer provides 100% satisfaction to the client as well the viewer.

Since the existence, at our Firm, we proudly offer services not limiting to the architectural scope but also expanded to the Visual Arts Design and Advertising segment. We master in creating 3D Renderings, and providing 3D Architectural Designs and animations for the UK based companies and their products, are highly relied on the advertisements that attracts numerous customers and the customers think that the reliability and robustness of the product and the company offering that particular product is relied on the advertisement that it makes. Therefore, the services offered by us do not have any limitation of the product or the company and the seas it is based from that is not only limiting to the real-estate and property business. 3D Architectural Modelling and Visualization Studio that we have right from the start, we offer services to numerous companies that are relating to:


  • Architects and Engineers.
  • Products and Merchandises.
  • Film industries.
  • Web developers / designers.
  • Marketing firms.
  • Service providers.
  • Communication, Mass-Media vendors.
  • Promoters, Event oriented businesses.


THE CHEESY ANIMATION FACTORY and its Design Studio is also capable of producing 3D CGI (Computer Graphics Integration) outputs of designs from the existing 2D Designs. The Designs and Animations are also amalgamated with the Sounds that is engineered particularly for the referred and the proposed design.

All the companies and all the businesses require designs for different purposes and they needexcellence that not only serves the purpose but also takes their businesses to the greater heights. Therefore, we provide services like:


  • 3D Architectural Designs.
  • 3D Floor Plan Design and Interactive Floor Plans.
  • Rendering 3D and 2D Images.
  • Interior Design in 3D and View Port alignment.
  • Virtual Reality for Real Estate Firms.
  • Interactive Virtual Tours & VR Applications.
  • Architectural Visualization in 3D.
  • 3D Architectural Animation and Rendering Designs.
  • 3D Interior / Exterior Design services and Conceptual animations.